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Making it easy for you to rekindle your love of cooking

Meal kits that are none of the fuss and all of the flavor

DC Cutting Board Makes Meals
Delicious, Easy...and Fun, Again!


Single Servings

No more buying in bulk just for one. We are the only meal kit to offer single servings!


Swap Proteins

Vegetarian, pescatarian, no pork, no problem. We provide options for whatever your preference.


Fully Prepped

Everything comes fully prepped, chopped, and ready to go. No knives needed. Prep time = 0 minutes!


The Secret Sauce

Each meal has the same format to make it easy to repeat but the special sauce with every meal is carefully crafted by me and our chefs to keep it fresh and new. Trust me - you need to try that jalapeno yogurt sauce!


Locally Sourced

Many of the ingredients are sourced from other DC businesses, and grown locally.


Delivered Direct to YOU

No more standing in line at your grocery store, creating lists, or hunting down items in the store...we bring the meals to you!

How We Work


Customized for You

Everything is fully customizable!


✔ how many meals you would like for the given week (the minimum is 3 servings/delivery).

✔ the menu items you would like for the given week (there is a default option, but you can select from 14 options).

✔ which protein you'd like (Each item is presented with a meat based protein and a vegetarian option as well).


Delivered Direct to You

All deliveries arrive between 1 p.m. - 6 p.m. on Monday afternoon (besides holidays) in an insulated thermo bag.


You can recycle the bag by simply leaving it outside the following week and it will be replaced by a new one.


All deliveries arrive with a frozen ice block directly on top of the protein in order to keep everything safe.


Cooking Made Easy

All you will ever need for this meal kit is salt, pepper, the oil of your choice, and something to cook it in...I like to use cast iron and sheet pans.


The meal comes individually bagged with all ingredients included. The directions are directly on top.


All you have to do is cook and enjoy!


Clients LOVE
DC Cutting Board!

"DC Cutting Board is a meal prep service that just works for me and my family. I never wanted to do these before because I heard from friends that the meals required too much prep and took way longer than the promised 30 minutes. I love that Chef Devin chops everything for me and has it all organized... you truly can get a healthy, high quality meal out for your family in 20-30 minutes. And I have to mention his sauces and dressings — he is a master at bringing together amazing flavors!


"My family's favorite meal is the salmon with horseradish sauce."


Stacy Leff

Hi, I'm Devin

My passion for cooking started when I was shown how to make clam sauce as a SIX-year-old. And I loved it. My mother encouraged me partly as a good way to get this dyslexic child to read some books, partly to get a private chef!


When I was in college, I decided I wanted my own food-related business. I just didn’t know exactly what that would look like.


As a busy young professional, I was the designated weeknight chef amongst my friends. I loved the challenge of coming up with something special and easy. I created an unique way to make the cooking of a weeknight meal very easy to repeat, yet keeping it new and fresh every night.


It wasn’t until I made my pork chop with crispy brussel sprouts, butternut squash puree, and apple chutney when someone said “you could sell this” that I realized meal kits would be the best way for me to get into the food service game.


My passion and desire to create delicious, simple, easy-to-prepare meals has turned into a successful business. Serving you, seeing you delight in cooking again, and hearing how much you, your family and friends enjoy a great meal is what drives me each and every day. Whenever clients rave about DC Cutting Board, that six-year-old chef is smiling inside, knowing his day is made!

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The meal kit that keeps people coming back for seconds...and thirds..and...

They just keep coming back!


Of business is repeat customers


Of New customers order more than once


Of Clients get meals every week!

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